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The Biggest Hone Update Yet

June 15, 2024



Hone Updated To Version 1.1.29! 🚀

BIOS Settings 💽


- 🕐  6 months of development
- ⚙️  4 months of testing
- 📁  10,000+ lines of code
- 🐛  Too many bug fixes

BIOS Settings have been released! 🥳 Now that it's stable and done, we will add more and improve upon them in the future.



- 📰   hundreds of optimizations
- ⚙️   Automatic compatibility detection
- 🥷   Including hidden BIOS settings
- ⚠️   Be cautious when applying BIOS optimizations!
(Your settings might take a while to load) (Not every PC supports BIOS Settings)


What is a BIOS ❓

A BIOS is the program your computer runs before launching, it configures your OS, processor settings and everything necessary for it to function. The advanced section will contain every single setting in your BIOS, so I'm not kidding when saying advanced is for advanced users only. Listen to the warnings and have fun!


Hone Pro Settings 🎮

The Hone Pro settings feature will allow you to apply settings from pro players automatically to your game. (Right now, we support Valorant and Fornite) there are some settings which are cloud-based where we can't change them, they are marked as "view only" and you can apply them yourself.


International translations 🌏

Hone now supports many languages!

- Portuguese 🇧🇷 🇵🇹
- Russian 🇷🇺
- Spanish 🇪🇸
- Turkish 🇹🇷
- French 🇫🇷
- Chinese Simplified 🇨🇳
- Japanese 🇯🇵
- Korean 🇰🇷
(Note some languages aren't done, and the pro settings feature hasn't been translated)


A bunch

400K users milestone 🥇

We have broken the 400K users barrier 🥳 Thanks to everyone for supporting us through this journey, this means the world to us ❤️ We have many more things planned for the future, this version of Hone is just the beginning!