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A Major Update To Hone

October 27, 2023



Hey! We're incredibly excited to bring you the latest and greatest with the Hone V1.1 update. Our team has been burning the midnight oil to ensure that we provide you with a smoother, more intuitive, and enhanced user experience. Here's what you can expect:

🚀 Enhancements

- More Optimizations: We've not only revamped all existing optimizations but have also expanded our optimization count from 23 to a whopping 66! 🎉
- User Interface Glow-up: As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, we’ve completely overhauled the entire UI. Not only is it more visually appealing, but it’s also designed to be more user-friendly and ready to accommodate our future updates.
- Performance Overdrive: No more worrying about Hone hogging your system's resources. Whether you’re using Hone or have it minimized, rest assured, your system's performance remains unhindered. We've tweaked the backend so the application uses minimal resources.

- New 'Boost Up' Section: Need to run specific scripts for system maintenance and performance boost? Our new section allows users to clean junk, optimize drives, clean Discord caches, fix drive and system errors, and much more.
- Background Boosting: For those who want non-stop optimization, Hone now offers background performance boosting. Just keep Hone running in the background and let us do the magic.

- Nvidia Settings and More: We've revisited our previous optimizations. The Nvidia Control Panel Settings have been enhanced for better performance, and our timer resolution now intelligently checks your Windows version.
- System Optimization Score: We've introduced an optimization score to let users know how well-tuned their system is. Are you game to reach the 100% score? Challenge accepted!

🆕 Features

- App Minimization: Sometimes, less is more. Hone can now be minimized to stay out of your way while you work or play.

- Optimization Filters: Quickly find the optimizations you need with our new filter options - by Activity, Category, and Tags.
- Optimizations for Everyone: While we continue to offer a plethora of optimizations for our premium users, free users aren’t left out. They can now enjoy up to 10 active optimizations.

- Game Specific Optimizations: We've rolled out optimizations for CS2, and for the Minecraft enthusiasts, there's a new revert button to quickly rollback changes.
- Support for Roblox Microsoft Store: It's now available! Enjoy an enhanced Roblox experience on the Microsoft Store.

- Startup Option & Admin Privileges: You can now set Hone to launch on startup. Plus, it’s easier than ever to check your admin privileges status right within the settings.

🛠️ Fixes

Bug fixes are an integral part of any update, and we’ve got a ton of them:

- Fixed glitches with Roblox optimizations.
- Sorted out issues with game library detection.
- Resolved COD Optimal preset malfunction and Boolean recognition issues.
- Download links have been shifted from GitHub to our servers for better accessibility across countries.

And that’s not all; we’ve ironed out many other niggling issues to provide a seamless experience.

Thank you, for your constant feedback and support. This update, like all others, is a testament to our commitment to ensure you have the best user experience possible. We're excited about the future and hope you enjoy the update as much as we loved building it for you.

Stay tuned for more updates and keep optimizing! 🚀