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July 9, 2023



The new Hone will revolutionize the optimization industry. We have been working hard for the past couple of months, producing a product that will not only unlock the full potential of your computer, but will also put an end to bloated software.

Set to release on the 11th of July, 2023. The new Hone optimizer will be free, allowing you to have complete control over what tweaks are applied to your PC. It will also include specific tweaks for your favourite games with over 2 dozen games supported, with more to come.

Some features that will be included:

  1. FREE FOR EVERYONE: Hone Your PC, for free. No need to pay $50+ for PC optimization.
  2. COMPLETELY REDESIGNED: We have remade Hone from the ground up based on our users feedback.
  3. ADVANCED OPTIMIZATIONS: We strive to optimize your PC in every possible way, without the risk of traditional optimizers.
  4. GAME SETTING OPTIMIZATIONS: We now help you optimize your game settings for your favorite PC games!
  5. BACKUPS MANAGEMENT: Always have peace of mind when changing things on your PC with Hone backups.
  6. YOU ARE IN CONTROL: You decide what to turn on, and you can change your mind at any time by reverting the tweaks.
  7. PREMIUM: Take your Hone experience to the next level with extra features such as advanced set of tweaks, no ads and vip support.
  8. DISCORD COMMUNITY: Join a community of like minded gamers looking to improve, get help & support.