Everything You Need To Hone In On Perfection

The new version of Hone is every competitive gamers dream, setting you up for success when you need it most.

A New Version Of Hone, Packed With Features Is Coming Soon

We haven’t pulled any punches in terms of giving you guys the best optimisation features we can come up with!

Monitor Your PC Preformance And Strain On A Granular, Component Level

We can give you a detailed insight on what is going on with your PC at any moment in time or even tracking over a period of time. From CPU temps, to GPU usage and much more. Want to know why you were having framerate issues in that last match? Go back and take a look what your bottleneck was.

Choose which Optimizations Are Made. Weigh The Cost Benefits Yourself

Do you have a guilty pleasure that you would like to keep turned on? Maybe it’s windows store, or Cortana. It’s not our job to ask! You will now get fine grain control over which optimisations are applied, and if you changed your mind later you can switch anything you want back.

Create, Browse, And Apply Settings Presets For All Your Games

With Hone you can save and apply settings presets from all your favourite games, or apply rated community presets, or presets from your favourite YouTubers and pro players!

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